Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kick Gallery Presents:

Paul Pirie

Opening 6-8pm Thursday September 2

Exhibition runs August 31 – September 18 2010

Delving further into the magical, alien universe that he created in his first and second solo exhibitions with Kick Gallery, Paul Pirie continues to expand on and develop his pictorial inner realm. Home to otherworldly wizard demons, alien battle scenes, and evil powers, the characters of Pirie’s highly imaginative work include gaunt, winged, scaly monsters, laser shrimps, and mutilated demons that fly over a world of spiritual pyramids and residential volcanoes, battling for supremacy and the protection of their homeworld. 

Childishly mathematic, the simple and organic, freely drawn shapes exude a spontaneous, abstract quality, reminiscent of homemade comic books and hand drawn computer games. Drawing on South American cultural influences, the patterned compositions create a naive juxtaposition between shapes of colour and pattern, and line and negative space. The colour and pattern selection lends itself heavily to traditional Aztec and Mayan art and theology, while the hand crafted style of the works and finely executed patterning create a style reminiscent of crude yet meticulous etching. 

Paul Pirie first exhibited with Kick Gallery in 2007 as a part of a group exhibition, Devil in the Detail [2007]. Since that time Pirie has had two solo exhibitions with Kick, Mountain Rituals[May/June 2009], and The Shoguns Decapitator [December 2009]. Pirie has also been a part of numerous group exhibitions in recent years as well as being a part of the Kick Gallery Studios in the second half of last year alongside other Kick artists, Michael Portley, Damian FitzGerald and Jewels Stevens.

Mexicola runs until September 18 2010.

Kick Gallery is located at 4 Peel Street Collingwood & open tue-fri 11am-6pm & sat 12-5pm.
For further information please contact Kick Gallery at or visit

Images below:
Paul Pirie 
The Protectors Ink, Watercolour and Acrylic on Archival Paper
76 x 57cm

Paul Pirie 
Demon BrotherInk, Watercolour and Acrylic on Archival Paper
76 x 57cm



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