Friday, August 27, 2010

Hurricane Katrina

5th Anniversary Build-a-Thon

NOAHH Staff, Volunteers and Sponsors are set to conduct an accelerated build on August 24-28, 2010 in recognition of the devastation that occurred as a result of Hurricane Katrina, and as a celebration of our progress 5 years later.  By the end of next week, 5 deserving partner families will be well on their way to homeownership! Over 200 people a day will be on site working.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available at all levels, Partner families will work along side volunteers, staff, and sponsors!

NOAHH houses will be built from the ground up! Framing, roofing, siding and more will all occur during the week, ending with each house weathered in. Partner families who are working to achieve their dream of homeownership will be working on site.
Musicians from Musicians' Village will perform during lunch each day.
The week will finish with a celebration complete with live music and refreshments, including barbecue and snoballs!

Donate to the 5th Anniversary Fund -- click here 


Usage examples

  • "But the conclusions of this report are absolutely clear. There is no doubt, there is nothing equivocal, there are no ambiguities. What happened on Bloody Sunday was both unjustified and unjustifiable. It was wrong," he said.
    Jun 15, 2010 -  David Cameron -  Irish Times

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fat Kids

With the U.S. in the midst of a full-blown obesity epidemic, some child welfare experts are wondering if parents of obese children should be considered guilty of child abuse. Recently, a couple in Marietta, Ga., was arrested and charged with felony child abuse after police found their two daughters (ages 4 and 5) living in horrible conditions and grossly overweight. Do you think parents of obese children are guilty of abuse?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Woolworths beat analyst forecasts

Woolworths $2 billion profit

Woolworths, Australia's largest supermarket chain, beat analyst forecasts with a 10.1 per cent rise in annual net profit on Thursday and said profit would again grow between 8-11 per cent in fiscal 2011.

The retailer, which also owns Big W discount stores and the Dick Smith electronics chain, said net profit was $2.021 billion in the year ended June 30, up from $1.84 billion a year earlier.

Analysts had expected around $1.992 billion and Woolworths had forecast 8-11 per cent profit growth.

The company also announced a $700 million off-market share buyback on Thursday.

Woolworths is facing increased competition from Wesfarmers-owned Coles, which has attracted more customers with its improved fresh food selection and price cuts, as part of a five-year turnaround.

Woolworths shares closed Wednesday at $26.90, down 4 per cent so far this year versus an 11 per cent fall in the broader market.

Mutilated Cat

A mutilated cat has been discovered in a garden in western Sydney.

Police were called to a home at Glenfield after the owner discovered the cat's body severed in two on her front lawn about 9am (AEST) on Wednesday.

The occupant let her 17-year-old cat out for the night after midnight on Wednesday and woke up the find it had suffered horrific injuries.

Police believe those responsible may have left the area by Harrow Road.

The RSCPA has been notified.

Kick Gallery Presents:

Paul Pirie

Opening 6-8pm Thursday September 2

Exhibition runs August 31 – September 18 2010

Delving further into the magical, alien universe that he created in his first and second solo exhibitions with Kick Gallery, Paul Pirie continues to expand on and develop his pictorial inner realm. Home to otherworldly wizard demons, alien battle scenes, and evil powers, the characters of Pirie’s highly imaginative work include gaunt, winged, scaly monsters, laser shrimps, and mutilated demons that fly over a world of spiritual pyramids and residential volcanoes, battling for supremacy and the protection of their homeworld. 

Childishly mathematic, the simple and organic, freely drawn shapes exude a spontaneous, abstract quality, reminiscent of homemade comic books and hand drawn computer games. Drawing on South American cultural influences, the patterned compositions create a naive juxtaposition between shapes of colour and pattern, and line and negative space. The colour and pattern selection lends itself heavily to traditional Aztec and Mayan art and theology, while the hand crafted style of the works and finely executed patterning create a style reminiscent of crude yet meticulous etching. 

Paul Pirie first exhibited with Kick Gallery in 2007 as a part of a group exhibition, Devil in the Detail [2007]. Since that time Pirie has had two solo exhibitions with Kick, Mountain Rituals[May/June 2009], and The Shoguns Decapitator [December 2009]. Pirie has also been a part of numerous group exhibitions in recent years as well as being a part of the Kick Gallery Studios in the second half of last year alongside other Kick artists, Michael Portley, Damian FitzGerald and Jewels Stevens.

Mexicola runs until September 18 2010.

Kick Gallery is located at 4 Peel Street Collingwood & open tue-fri 11am-6pm & sat 12-5pm.
For further information please contact Kick Gallery at or visit

Images below:
Paul Pirie 
The Protectors Ink, Watercolour and Acrylic on Archival Paper
76 x 57cm

Paul Pirie 
Demon BrotherInk, Watercolour and Acrylic on Archival Paper
76 x 57cm



Sell - Outs

Sell out

Musicians Too Good to 'Sell Out'? 

While many bands jump at the opportunity to "sell out," there are a select few that simply refuse to ditch their pride for the dollar. Joining those ranks are Kings of Leon, who recently declined to have their music featured on the hit show "Glee." In a statement, the boys also thumbed their noses at "countless" other similar offers that they have received and turned down. Are bands that refuse to "sell out" heroes or just brats?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Macroman: Pierce Cody v beta

The short question is why is his name back in my life ? Pierce Cody . .

The short answer is - On seeking a reference Paul Fishmann spoke briefly to fellow YPO'er Pierce Cody, PC gave a less than glowing reference - in fact he stated that I had stolen from him - a lesser reference I can't imagine.

My Position at Macro was as a Contracted Independent Consultant, at NO time was I employed by Macro.

OK - the short version out of the way, these are the facts.

  • On average I was posting invoices of $15,000 a month to Macro - A company with 8 outlets and a turnover in excess of $5,000,000 a month - Mr Cody's specious allegation is that I defrauded Macro of $118- one hundred and eighteen dollars! I had witnessed this non-payment tactic by Mr Cody to struggling Organic Suppliers - however never believed it would happen to me.
  • In September 2008, while contracted to Macro Pty Ltd - Pierce Cody via his payroll team WITHDREW $10,000 from my bank account
  • In the same month I was forced to pay - The CFO and Operations Managers refused to set up accounts for or sign cheques to purchase furniture for the fitout of Macros new Mona Vale Store - let me re state: I was clearly instructed by both the CFO and the Operations Manager that I would Have to Pay for cafe furniture out of my own pocket and be reimbursed by Macro.
  • In June 2008 Brett Blundy employed an Exit Strategist to remove himself from Macro
  • By July 2008 Mr Blundy had proceeded down this track and was intent on leaving the business.
  • In August 2008 I requested a meeting with Mr Blundy to rectify what I considered a poor decision, Mr Blundy was of the opinion that saving his friendship with the then untenable Mr Cody was more important than his business liaison. I pointed out that unfortunately the two went hand in hand - if Mr Blundy Exited Macro, Mr Cody would become insolvent, and an insolvent Mr Cody would not be a worthy buddy - the conclusion of this meeting was that Mr Blundy had no choice but to see the business through to a successful sale.
This last point is the one that holds the most grief for me . . . . .
In our lives we often make bad decisions - we often make statements we wish could be simply erased - this conversation should never have taken place.

to be continued . . . . .

PS: Chambers Corrs Westgarth my phone numer is on file !

Coming up: accusations that i put a HIT out on pc via the russian mafia

Friday 26th November 2010.

Due to the large number of traffic this post has created i feel it appropriate to add  a little clarity.

  • At NO TIME have I had a personal issue with Mr Cody!
  • At NO TIME have I had ANY personal interaction with Mr Cody
  • At NO TIME have I introduced Alex Brooks to Mr Cody nor suggested they interact in any way
  • My dealing with Mr Cody have been absolutely professional and aside from a discrepancy over payment - I have ALWAYS had an absolute admiration for Mr Cody and his abilities in commerce.
If Mr Cody is unfortunate enough to have become entangled in my personal affairs, my sincerest apologies, unfortunately Alex is as determined as she is demented. The problems that Alex and I experienced are unfortunate - not public - deeply personal !

I am currently 1000km away from Alex and still live in fear of her appearing in my life, i would not wish her inflicted on anyone, Mr Cody included.

Macro Good Bye

We Got it SOOOO wrong! SOLD

Macro Wholefoods has been SOLD! as predicted by mc65 earlier this year. Woolworths Ltd has paid a pittance for the upmarket organic grocer. Mr Cody & Co have apparently cut their losses & walked away from a battered business.

Woolworths Ltd will expand its Thomas Dux Grocer stores in NSW and Victoria with the acquisition of store leases from Macro Wholefoods.

Woolworths currently has two Thomas Dux stores operating in Paddington and Lane Cove in Sydney, with a third about to open in Darlinghurst.

The deal, will see the eight existing Macro stores re-badged as Thomas Dux.

Thomas Dux general manager Pat McEntee said the Macro Wholefoods acquisition would provide the ideal platform for building the Thomas Dux network.

"Macro Wholefoods sites across Sydney and Melbourne are well positioned in popular locations that are desirable and accessible to our target market" said Mr McEntee.

The Sale includes the acquisition of a development site in Melbourne and the Macro Brand.

Existing Macro staff of those stores will be offered roles within Thomas Dux or other Woolworths brands.

Specific details of the acquisition were commercial-in-confidence and were not released.

Notable Comments:

Anonymous said...

if specific details of the acquisition were commercial-in-confidence then how can you report it as fact that Woolworths Ltd. paid a pittance? source?

mc65 said...

A pittance in this case is based on what the proprietors have put into the business to keep it afloat: second mortgages, loss through the entire life of the business, financial topups from the board etc. As the amount is commercial-in-confidence it would not be correct to specify a dollar amount.
Suffice to say that it would be mathematically improbable that the proprietors have made a buck out of the sale, Woolworth Ltd tends to pay a premium on profitable business, as they are essentially not buying the brand and will more than likely lose sundries like support office, logistics and cafes, it is unlikely that they paid to make you any wealthier.

mc65 said...

The point wasn't too bash Macro or it's board. Macro is a brilliant (at inception, timely) retail concept, outwardly it has been executed well. It has however lacked commercial prowess, time and time it has shown itself to be more about a personal ethos than retail sales.

There are two points:

1) When the initial story ran in Feb/Mach 2009 Mr Cody was quick to reassure staff and suppliers that No Sale was immanent. Where is the correspondence now that the sale has happened, I've taken several calls from suppliers asking wtf is going on?

It's very easy to keep the self indulgent attitude going, it is not all about a single persons image however. There are many small business out there that have built their livelihoods on the back of Macro and are now genuinely concerned.

2) The other point was Bluster, being full of it is only worth a pinch when the outcome is inevitable, We were right!

Macro Open Letter


Earlier this year we apologised for apparently getting the Macro Sale so wrong, we based the assumption that we were wrong on an open letter (and several txt messages mc65 received from pierce cody)

The letter (below) was sent out to suppliers & staff in a response to our assertion that the business was on the market & negotiations almost completed with Woolworth limited.
Mr Cody is as always is The Most Ethical of business owners and we are baffled at his tactics through these negotiations.

Open Letter to: Macro Wholefoods Team & Suppliers
From: Pierce Cody
Subject: The Sale of Macro Wholefoods

Dear Sir / Madam,

You may be aware of the rumor and innuendo going around the market about Macro and its alleged sale. I thought it was important to advise that while we may have had discussions in the past with various parties, we have walked away from any major retailer relationship.

On the one hand, I guess we should be flattered that so many people take interest in Macro Wholefoods Market's future. However, much of the market banter was off the mark. I trust this note will put such discussions to rest.

We believe it is key to constantly review the business. To this end, I am pleased to announce we have appointed Tammy Ellerine Zwi as the new Managing Director of Macro. She has enormous retail experience. Her family is also one of the largest retailers and shopping mall owners in South Africa. She gets it!

Tammy is working with the Macro team on an extensive strategic review, and importantly a rapid implementation program. You will notice the changes quite quickly. Some of these changes involve a broadening of the range, relocation of head office and a change in our DC operations.

We are also excited about our next new store opening soon in Melbourne. We remain focused and committed to the business and thank you for your continued support. We appreciate such speculation is unsettling for all parties.

Yours Sincerely

Pierce Cody
Executive Chairman
Macro Wholefoods Market

"It's always about the customer"

Macro Life Pty Ltd
PO Box 6317
Unit 15, 33 Maddox Street
Alexandria NSW 2015

Macro Sold

It's Official. Woolworths Ltd Has Purchased Macro Wholefoods, the pair will announce the sale on Friday 13th  Feb 2009.


By Marcus Dangerfield

Earlier this year we ran the piece below, we are getting closer to confirming that Macro Wholefoods is in it's final stages of negotiation with Woolworth Limited. We understand from sources that there are two sticking points 1) price (ouch) Woolies reckons the 8 stores + one cafe are worth about $15-17 million, the current owners reckon between $30-40 million would recoupe some of the money they've pumped into the business. 2) Woolworths is not happy with some of the property deals Macro has undertaken. Our source reckons that Woolies drives a hard bargain when it comes to paying rent, some of the rental deals Macro has struck in the past are a bit Landlord happy for the conglomerates liking.

Macro has had a chequered past, much of the confusion & myth surrounding the company has come from it's pinnacle. Cody had every intention of making wholefoods big business and said in 2006, "if I haven't opened another 30 to 40 stores in the next few years, I will consider the venture a failure. Our growth plan involves turning supermarkets into ‘wellness centres' that also offer yoga, pilates, hypnotherapy and acupuncture
" The other side of the confusion has been Cody's distaste for research, preferring to rely on anecdotal fictions created by (an amalgam of ego & self perception) his own point of view. “We've benefited from the reams of commentary about the ‘inexorable rise of the eco shopper' along with the fact that is the Macro space is ‘so sexy', many others are doing the research for me” says Cody. mcsixtyfive believes this has contributed to the confusion over the chains actual worth. If your trying to sell a brand & your it's biggest fan your view is skewed?

Update to follow: 070209

post script: (the source mentioned below is not an ex Macro employee)

Previous Article:

Rumors abound that the wholesome chain of not-for-profit supermarkets is about to clinch a deal/sale. G (our source) (G: a senior exec with Macro) has staffers at Macros Alexandria HQ palpitating between excitement & apprehension with his rumors of an immanent sale.
(G has had this rumor going for about 6 months now)

Though G is not the most reliable source, he has been eluding to a sale for several months now (citing both big grocery moguls as the buyer on separate occasions) while we are unable to confirm through either Woolies or Wesfarmers that there is a bid out there, we suspect there is an element of truth to the G rumor.

Surely neither of the Grocery Moguls are considering purchasing a business that has failed to turn a profit in 6 years, call us thick (in the current economic climate acquisitions surely need to be based on adding either capital or value, debt is not a positive word right now)
So why would you purchase a great looking expensive to run organic food chain with a patchy history of hit & miss ideas, ethics and non profitability.

Woolies has a great reason: The Duck (Woolies attempt at specialist organic retailing) At a guess though, snapping up Macro would make perfect sense, why roll out a multitude of untested theories when you can snap up someone else's footwork.

GJ Coles can hardly afford any new debt? George Coles would turn in his grave at the thought of paying large amounts of hard earned simply for a name. Wesfarmers on the other hand needs to get into what was a growth area.

In 2005 Mr Cody was quoted as believing that Macro was worth in excess of $40 million, fingers crossed boys.
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