Thursday, November 25, 2010

Friday 26th November 2010.

Due to the large amount of traffic this post - see below - has generated I feel it appropriate to add  a little clarity.

  • At NO TIME have I had a personal issue with Mr Cody!
  • At NO TIME have I had ANY personal interaction with Mr Cody
  • At NO TIME have I introduced AB to Mr Cody nor suggested they interact in any way
  • My dealings with Mr Cody have been absolutely professional - aside from a discrepancy over payment - I have ALWAYS had an absolute admiration for Mr Cody and his abilities in commerce, I consider him a pioneer in Australian Business, brilliant.
If Mr Cody is unfortunate enough to have become entangled in my personal affairs, my sincerest apologies, unfortunately AB is as determined as she is demented. The problems that AB and I experienced are unfortunate - not public - deeply personal. I have no control - nor do I want any - over AB's actions. The NSW police force has on numerous occasions been informed of her behavior and has stoically chosen to do nothing.

I am currently 1000km away from AB and still live in fear of her appearing in my life, i would not wish her inflicted on anyone, Mr Cody included. 

My apologies also go to those who have felt the fallout of this personal drama - it has been completely unnecessary to have others involved. Again,  I have on several occasion attempted to point out AB's horrid tactic of dragging family and friends into this dispute - the NSW police force  unfortunately has NO interest. Cody, KT, CX, BM, CD, DG, SP, DC again my apologies. 

AB has been served with a Final Notice to Pay her debt to me - it is extremely likely she will escalate her personal harassment until this matter reaches court. It is my intention to have - as stated for the past 12 months - this matter settled in court, the Appropriate Court.

In no way does this post indicate a threat or intimidation, under civil law I have every right to pursue any debt owed to me, and i intend to exercise that legal right!

If after all of this you find this page offensive - CLUE - stop opening it, you are here voluntarily, this page has not been forwarded by any carrier to any specific person!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The short question is why is his name back in my life ? Pierce Cody . .

The short answer is - On seeking a reference Paul Fishmann spoke briefly to fellow YPO'er Pierce Cody, PC gave a less than glowing reference - in fact he stated that I had stolen from him - a lesser reference I can't imagine.

My Position at Macro was as a Contracted Independent Consultant, at NO time was I employed by Macro.

OK - the short version out of the way, these are the facts.

  • On average I was posting invoices of $15,000 a month to Macro - A company with 8 outlets and a turnover in excess of $5,000,000 a month - Mr Cody's specious allegation is that I defrauded Macro of $118- one hundred and eighteen dollars! I had witnessed this non-payment tactic by Mr Cody to struggling Organic Suppliers - however never believed it would happen to me.
  • In September 2008, while contracted to Macro Pty Ltd - Pierce Cody via his payroll team WITHDREW $10,000 from my bank account
  • In the same month I was forced to pay - The CFO and Operations Managers refused to set up accounts for or sign cheques to purchase furniture for the fitout of Macros new Mona Vale Store - let me re state: I was clearly instructed by both the CFO and the Operations Manager that I would Have to Pay for cafe furniture out of my own pocket and be reimbursed by Macro.
  • In June 2008 Brett Blundy employed an Exit Strategist to remove himself from Macro
  • By July 2008 Mr Blundy had proceeded down this track and was intent on leaving the business.
  • In August 2008 I requested a meeting with Mr Blundy to rectify what I considered a poor decision, Mr Blundy was of the opinion that saving his friendship with the then untenable Mr Cody was more important than his business liaison. I pointed out that unfortunately the two went hand in hand - if Mr Blundy Exited Macro, Mr Cody would become insolvent, and an insolvent Mr Cody would not be a worthy buddy - the conclusion of this meeting was that Mr Blundy had no choice but to see the business through to a successful sale.
This last point is the one that holds the most grief for me . . . . .
In our lives we often make bad decisions - we often make statements we wish could be simply erased - this conversation should never have taken place.

to be continued . . . . .

PS: Chambers Corrs Westgarth my phone numer is on file !

Coming up: accusations that i put a HIT out on pc via the russian mafia

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