Monday, December 6, 2010

China Hacks Official Policy

U.S. Secretary of State. Hilary Clinton says the U.S is "prepared to use force" in order to have China desist in it's Hack Attacks on the Internet and Google

U.S. Diplomatic cables released over the weekend reveal that the attempt by the Chinese to steal Google’s source code was managed at the highest levels of government.  One cable sent from Beijing showed that, according to well placed contact, officials in the Politburo Standing Committee directed the hacking operation on Google.  The Politburo Standing Committee membership is comprised of between 5 and 9 people and includes the top officials of the Communist party in China.
Google hack China Politburo China Google hack directed by Politboro officials
The cable from Beijing was classified as secret, and was one of a small number regarding China’s hacking operation published on the Wikileaks website Saturday. Wikileaks is gradually posting about 250,000 diplomatic cables to its website.
Independent researchers have argued that China works with ‘patriotic hackers’ and views cyber spying as one way to obtain intellectual property from the West in order to transfer it to Chinese businesses.  The cables released Saturday show that U.S. diplomats agreed with the researchers.
The release of the diplomatic cables revealing Chinese involvement in the Google hacking project comes at an unfortunate time, since the U.S. is now looking to China for support as it addresses concern over North Korea’s nuclear program. Meanwhile, both countries are at odds over Beijing’s 

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