Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dick Smith Roles Out His Annual Publicity Train

Australia's Top End of Town gives handsomely to charity, unlike Dick Smith however, they seem to do it privately. 

That squeaky little man is at it again - this time he's slamming the wealthy in Australia. "appalling and greedy" In what must be seen as Smith's Annual Publicity Stunt - the man's a walking brand - "People who are worth well over a hundred million dollars - for some reason they don't give anything." BOLLOCKS SMITH!

We are so over you and Trixie trying to pull the wool over our eyes. The fact is that Australia's Top End of Town gives handsomely to charity . . . THEY JUST DO IT PRIVATELY

Mr Smith, it's called philanthropy - this annual stunt you do is called publicity and has nothing what so ever to do with charity. Must who are capable of giving do so in a well thought out, quiet manner. Charity!

Bank bosses seem to have been singled out by Smith, who two weeks ago wrote to the chief executives of the nation's Big Four financial institutions urging them to give away a fifth of their income.

Commonwealth CEO Sir Ralph Norris wrote back, telling Smith that "he gives to charity privately."

Not making a lot of sense, Smith told reporters at Sydney's Wayside Chapel"What's disgusting is there are some incredibly wealthy people around, people who are billionaires" 

"People who are worth well over a hundred million dollars - for some reason they don't give anything.

"The press release I sent out mentions how our wealthy are appalling and greedy. And that's pretty right."

Shut the F_ck up Smith, the none response has more to do with a lack of respect for you and yours. Tomorrow there will still be homeless and billionaires - the only thing you have achieved is more publicity for Brand SMITH!

A survey by ANRA and American Express has revealed 40 per cent of people will not make a donation this year, compared to 35 per cent in 2009, not a bad result considering the GFC fallout and ongoing financial strains.

Unfortunately we realise the irony of writing this post - wieghing up a FU vs more publicity for the wee man, clearly we chose FU


pic via australian geographic - sue me

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