Friday, September 30, 2011

Hallmarks Happy UNEMPLOYMENT Card!?

Hallmarks Happy UNEMPLOYMENT Card!?
In the perfect world, those with nothing to say would say . . .Well, NOTHING! Unfortunately we live here! The world economy – apparently – is in termoil, a nudge over 9% of Americans are unemployed, the Greeks are about to fold – while the rest of the EU wonders wtf is coming – China has discovered it’s own source of minerals, making the Australians and Canadians rethink their credit debts as well as rendering any budget surplus as theoretical, and the UK government now owns more banks than the Swiss!? In a sign of the times, Greetings card giant Hallmark has put out a new line of cheer-your-buddy-upgreeting cars. UNEMPLOYMENT CARDS! It may sound like a grand idea in a marketing department, on the street though ~ how in g_ds name do you send your friend a Happy Unemployment Card? You know theres a highpants twist coming! M★S READ MORE

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