Saturday, October 22, 2011

DMC Back To The Future, AGAIN?

DMC Back To The Future, AGAIN?

Goes around, comes around, what’s old is new again and LiLo! 3 common epigrams that seem to dictate the future, as the television man says “but wait there’s more” “The car of the future has really become the car of the future,” joked James Espey, a vice president at DeLorean Motor Company of Humble, Texas. In 1975 GM auto Exec J.Z. Delorean – most noted for the Pontiac GTO – started a small auto company with a huge name, DeLorean, and though his ill fated venture would last only 7 years, thanks to some spectacular publicity – Back to the Future – the thought has stuck. J.Z.DeLorean died in 2005, his legacy lives on. DMC – DeLorean Motor Company reinvented itself via Texas entrepreneur Stephen Wynne acquired the remaining parts inventory and the uberstylized DMC logo trademark. We’ve been speculating on a reinvention of the DeLorean since October 2010, well it’s closer now than it ever has been. Fast Forward, October 2011: DMC has partnered with electric-car start-up Epic EV to develop the Electric DeLorean. The original DeLorean was slow, unreliable and production ceased after just one year, when the company filed for bankruptcy in 1982. Just 9,200 DMC-12′s left the factory. Wynnes DMC EV will use 80 per cent of the DeLorean’s original parts and will be unleashed on the world in late 2013 M★D READ MORE

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