Friday, October 14, 2011

THANK F_CK it's FRIDAY: How to tell if your a c#cknocker?

THANK F_CK it's FRIDAY: How to tell if your a c#cknocker?

At some point we ALL need to take a good hard look into a mirror and ask ourselves that question: “Am I a Cocknocker” Let me just tell you straight up! If you have a bottle of Bling H20 on your kitchen counter top, in your hand or on the fridge door, the answer is a definitive YES!At $40 a bottle – FOR WATER – your bent, hear that? BENT! Ready for the rant: It’s little wonder that Wall Street is – as we speak – crowded with people protesting against excesses, just how do you differentiate a product like bottled water, turn on a f_cking tap you cocknocker!? Americans drink more than 25 billion litres of bottled water a year at prices greater than gasoline. Bottled water sales have risen 50% per person in less than a decade, which isn’t bad for a core product that varies little, and is at least a thousand times more expensive than tap water which is readily available as an alternative. In Europe, water is even bigger business – Western Europeans drink more than half the world’s bottled water. And don’t even get us started on the massive problem bottled water causes to the environment! D★D READ MORE

PS: Go down to your local and have a beverage, HECK HAVE TWO, you’ll still get change from the $13 a glass you’d have paid to be a cocknocker!

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