Monday, June 3, 2013

Cisco Predicts Internet Measured in Zettabytes

Technology behemoth Cisco has forecast that the need for internet speed will increase at head-spin pace over the next 4 years. The company predicts that by 2017, global internet traffic will be measured in zettabytes - one zettabyte is the seventh power of 1000 or 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 bytes, a sextillion - a trillion gigabytes.

Cisco reckons that by the end of 2015 annual global internet traffic will wiz past the zettabyte threshold. By 2017 the internet will reach nearly 1.5 zettabytes annually. However, more worrying for boffins is the growth in peak-hour internet trafic. Over the past 5 years peak hour traffic increased at a steady 30 per cent a year, last year it grew at 40 per cent and Cisco say that growth is set to triple of the next 5 years.

The research is part of Cisco's Visual Networking Index - VNI - and ongoing initiative by the behemoth that explores the implications of IP growth. Another amazing stat to come out of Cisco's research is the growth of mobile, in 2012 less than 25 per cent of internet traffic originated from mobile devices, they expect mobile to grow to half of all internet traffic by 2012

It's worth noting; in 1986 - pre modern internet - the planets entire data output, television, radio, cable etc, was 0.400 zettabytes. in 2000 we still only consumed 1.2 zettabytes - remember, that's everything, all broadcast technologies - by 2012 the planet will be consuming more than 5 zettabytes of data a year, almost a third of which will be pulled through the internet:: Read the full article »»»»

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