Saturday, August 10, 2013

Spanish and French Authorities Bust Chinese People Smuggling Ring

Spanish and French authorities say they have dismantled a human trafficking ring responsible for smuggling Chinese citizens into Europe and the United States, charging up to €50,000/$AU70,000 per person.

A total of 75 suspects including two "main operatives" based in Barcelona and the kingpin based in China were arrested. 

The well organised smuggling ring disguised their illegal Chinese migrants as tourists or students, regularly changing the routes taken from China, as well as the travel documents used, "changed constantly according to the successes and failures of previous trips... or in order to prevent discovery of the traffickers." a statement from authorities said.

The arrests included 51 in Spain and 24 in France after a two-year joint investigation. The provided "false identities and transport Chinese citizens, In some cases the ring was involved in the sexual exploitation of migrants, some of whom were children :: Read the full article »»»»

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