Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How Far Can Facebook Advertising Go? Would Google Put Up With These Tactics!?

Facebook has become a social media behemoth with an insane reach, more than a billion users around the planet, with the majority logging into the site several times daily it's hard to see how advertisers can go wrong. 

It isn't the ahre mass of users that Facebook push, it's the huge amount of data the company keeps on each user, advertisers are coaxed with the opportunity to target exactly the audience they want. 

Among mainstream advertisers, theres still a bunch of discussion on whether Facebook advertising is affective, deeper; does Facebook advertising simply generate leads, or does it drive direct sales? Clearly the argument isn't simple, 

Facebook offers advertisers several layers, from sponsored posts, full pages and mobile feeds to tradition button ads. And with multiple formats within its 10 categories, its offer is extensive. 

With such a long reach, a massive combination of placement options and metrics that are more measurable than almost any other platform, why wouldn't you advertise on Facebook? :: Read the full article »»»»

I first noticed this on December 2, 2013
...and there it was again the following day?
...seriously Facebook, is this ok?
even after opting out...

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