Friday, October 14, 2011

Christopher Daniel: California Roll

Christopher Daniel: California Roll
This is almost cut and paste – a method of journalism I learned from my ex, thanks lover – In this case it’s simply not possible to add to the eloquence of the designer, neither picture nor word. Christopher Daniel, he describes himself as: Male, from Mars and apparently he’s sick? Whatever, he pens a brilliant thought. the last design of Daniels that we fell madly in love with was his Vuzzle Chair. Vuzzle Chair is made of 59 cushion cells that can be arranged according to ones moods. Inspired by the Voronoi diagram. We’re guessing that having designed such a wonderfilled piece, Mr Daniels needed an equally cool floor to plant it on, so he designed one, smarty pants him Seriously, the plagiarism starts here, we are lost for words at this mans talent: Chris Daniels,California Roll, Modular House! D★D READ MORE

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