Friday, October 14, 2011

An Important Message From Sony: Oops!

An Important Message From Sony: Oops!

Right about now, Sony has got to be wondering what the __ they did!? In another round of hack attempts, Sony has been forced to shut down almost 100,000 user accounts. The company said via statement that it had shut down approximately 93,000 accounts on its online gaming and entertainment networks after detecting a mass, attempted sign-in by a third party using stolen IDs and passwords. Philip Reitinger, Sony’s chief information security officer, said in a blog post that the people attempting to break in had obtained the IDs and passwords from another company, website or source. Sony will be sending emails to any affected users, assisting them in unlocking their accounts. The company is also pushing for people to use tougher passwords as well as avoid using username/password pairs on multiple sites. Reitinger says that “only a small fraction” of those 93,000 accounts “showed additional activity prior to being locked.” He added that users credit-card details were not at risk but, as a preventative measure, a small proportion would require password resets. M★S READ MORE

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