Saturday, October 22, 2011

FLASH900 GAME REVIEW: Battlefield 3 - Open Beta

FLASH900 GAME REVIEW: Battlefield 3 - Open Beta

Battlefield 3 Full Release is just around the corner, and for those of us who await the next new title – with drooling anticipation – Battlefield 3 promises to be explosive military mayhem. Jets are back and a full range of vehicles, prone makes a return (absent in BF2) 64 player makes a return for PC, bring on the chaos. For those unfamiliar with this game here’s a taste. Feeling angry? take a tank for a spin and crash the enemy line, if you miss that target, dont sweat it, your team mate in the mounted 50 cal machine gun got em, warning alarms sound, watch out that jet has you lined up with heat seekers, are you that jet pilot test your flying skills in hard and fast dog fights high above the battlefield watch that low flying though alarms sounds you eject out to parachute to safety or so you think. Are you the sniper? watching the the parachute float down, lines up that shot! Play a range of solder classes from sniper to medic. Battlefield has single player and multi-player game modes I will focus on multi player in this review for a couple of reasons; single-player is not out until release – I’ll review it on release. This was a beta test, single player is not often seen in beta releases. Game companies use beta’s to stress test servers, where more than one person is connecting together to play on the same game, and receive feedback back from the player community. flash900 READ MORE

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