Friday, October 14, 2011

A quick roundup via words and pictures of the wonderfilled world of passive revolution

A quick roundup via words and pictures of the wonderfilled world of passive revolution

Occupy Wall Street protests began in New York late last month, a little over 3 weeks ago. The protests have been vocal but in the main peaceful, within the U.S the protests have taken hold in several other cities including, Washington and Boston. The ideal has now spread to the rest of the galaxy. globally subversives are, as we speak getting organised, with a mind to replicating the success seen in New York. Occupy Wall Street, began as a protest against social inequality, corporate influence on democracy. The apparent absence of legal repercussions for those behind the global financial crisis in the U.S. 15 October 2011: Hundreds of protesters are celebrating after New York City postponed the evacuation of the park at the epicentre of weeks of anti-Wall Street demonstrations. In Boston some 700 police launched the biggest crackdown so far on the movement in the early hours of Tuesday morning, descending on parks to arrest more than 100 protesters for unlawful assembly. A poll by Time magazine showed 54 per cent of Americans had a very favorable view of the protesters, while 23 per cent disapproved and the remaining 24 per cent of those surveyed were asked Occupy What?!. A quick blow by blow rundown: 13 October 2011: Unlike the Wall Street traders and bankers who are often at their desks well before 7.00am, the day starts slowly in Zuccotti Park – the downtown New York campsite that used to be known as Freedom Plaza. 10 October 2011: Several hundred people have marched through Manhattan to take the Occupy Wall Street protest literally to the doorsteps of some of the richest tycoons in the United States. 06 October 2011: Thousands of angry activists, backed for the first time by trade unions, have held their largest march yet in New York City. 05 October 2011: US activists say they will march on Wall Street again this Wednesday despite the arrests of more than 700 protesters who blocked weekend traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. 04 October 2011: At least 5,000 protesters of the Occupy Wall Street movement took to the streets of New York’s financial district, angry that their taxes were used to prop up banks in the 2008 financial crisis. to those souls still camped out in THAT park in New York, have a wonderfilled weekend! V★P READ MORE

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