Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Twitter Stalking!?

Twitter Stalking!?

Is the government stalking your Twitter account? It’s every government’s dream, a system that can predict future events such as riots, political upheaval and the outbreak of war. With social media playing such a large roll in the organisation of events like The Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street, there’s surely a way to trend upcoming events through social media, the U.S intelligence community believes this to be the case. Research aimed at predicting future social upheaval isn’t a new thought, automating the way data is collected and analysed is a little more complicated though. Foresight and Understanding from Scientific Exposition - FUSE – has been commissioned to do just that by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence - ODNI. Today, the identification and assessment of emerging technical capabilities is a manual, time-consuming, domain-specific, and expert-intensive process. Analysts are in need of a reliable, automated, evidence-based capability that allows them to rapidly identify specific technical areas for in-depth review. B★C READ MORE

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