Saturday, October 15, 2011

GAME: Dead Island Review

GAME: Dead Island Review

Highpants welcomes gamer Gordy flash900 Pettingel to the team, Gordy’s hit the tarmac running with a solid review of Dead Island, Deep Silver’s latest offering for PC, XBox360 and PS3. Melee combat is were this game shines, weapons are available all around in the environment from shovels to swords the zombies themselves, look absolutely incredible. One of my favourite aspects of the game is the fantastic musculature, bone and other types of damage systems that Techland has implemented on the zombies, leading to some highly impressive and extremely gory killings. For example, wielding a sword and swinging it wildly at a zombies’ arm will many a time sever the zombie’s arm completely, leaving them without one of their weapons. Other bodily appendages behave in much the same way – you can crush heads under your foot, (Unlocked skill that gives a foot stomp reminiscent of duke nukem) chop them off, break zombie arms so you can see them flailing wildly and you can even shock zombies with electricity, set them on fire or poison them with your unique weaponry. The graphics in this game look good, the engine is chrome 5 and directx9 runs across all platforms, all functions are here for pc such anti-aliasing and full settings so not just a console ported game, some sound issues, but these were solved by running headphones. G★P READ THE FULL REVIEW

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