Saturday, October 15, 2011

AMD FX-8150, The Battle Continues

AMD FX-8150, The Battle Continues

Consensus suggests that the release of AMD’s much anticipated Bulldozer CPU was a little underwhelming. Performance improvements were a mixed bag with gains in some areas and only just staying on par with older AMD CPU’s in other areas. While AMD’s older Athlon and Phenom processors were due for an overhaul, AMD still took the gutsy approach making such aggressive and forward looking changes. The Bulldozer architecture represents a total redesign of AMD’s processors. The new top of the line AMD chip, the FX-8150 contains an astounding 2 billion transistors on 315 mm² of silicon. While the FX is unable to compete with Intel’s 980 Extreme Edition processors on raw performance AMD has priced the chip to compete with Intel’s Core i7-2600K, the current Value Performance King on the desktop. At $269 the AMD FX-8150 is avoiding the whole Extreme Edition comparisons altogether and taking the fight to Intel’s mid range processors. B★B READ MORE

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